Hospitality in Pakistan Billion Dollar Industry

The world has already recognized that Hospitality in Pakistan is a billion-dollar market due to friendly people, natural landscapes, historical sites, vibrant cultures, and unique cuisines. According to a research firm Mordor Intelligence, Pakistan’s tourism and hotel market was worth $20 billion in 2020. 

Hospitality in Pakistan

During 2023, nearly 100,000 international tourists visited Pakistan, with the UK, USA, China, Germany, and Canada among the top countries to experience the country’s fascinating heritage and hospitality. And in the current year, this number is expected to double fold, due to the ease and efficiency of services. 

Hospitality in Pakistan has many sectors including; luxury accommodation, traveling, food, entertainment, and business events or conferences. Let’s discuss them briefly and analyze how to enjoy the hospitality industry bloom. 

5 Major Sectors of Hospitality 

  • Hotel & Accommodation
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Food & Beverages
  • Entertainment
  • Events

Hotel & Accommodation for Hospitality in Pakistan

Hospitality in Pakistan

Whenever someone thinks about exploring the natural beauty of Pakistan, safe and luxurious accommodation becomes a major question for them. Therefore, hotels and accommodations are an important factor in attracting local and international investors to the northern paradise of the country. 

However, Islamabad the gateway to northern tourism, requires more hotels to accommodate tourists. The recent statistics by CDA hint towards the need for 8000 luxury rooms in the capital to manage visitor inflow. Therefore, public and private sector companies must bring new projects to fulfill this need. The Capital Development Authority (CDA), recently proposed to develop two new luxury hotels in the F-5 sector, Islamabad

Private real estate companies have also contributed to the growth of hospitality in Pakistan by collaborating with international luxury hotel chains. MGC Developments has signed a franchise with the US hospitality chain Best Western Plus under the project MGC Jewel in Phase-8, Bahria Town, with the vision to provide luxury accommodation near International Islamabad Airport, Ring Road, and G.T. Road. MGC Jewel has also onboarded the world-renowned hospitality chain Holiday Inn by IHG Hotels and Resorts. 

Hospitality in Pakistan
From Peshawar G.T. Road to Lahore G.T. Road, Holiday Inn will be the first 4-star luxury accommodation by the MGC Developments. Owing to the scope of hospitality in Pakistan, many global investors have shown interest in developing luxury accommodation projects and high-rise apartments in Islamabad. Saudia Arabia is also in the list to invest estimated $5 billion in luxury hotels. 

Travel & Tourism Hospitality in Pakistan

Hospitality in Pakistan

In the age of social media, people hunt Instagrammable spots. People from all over the globe love to visit Pakistan with its abundant natural beauty, centuries-old historical sites, and cultural diversity. However, the modes of traveling are as important as luxury accommodation, food, and other sectors of Hospitality in Pakistan. International tourists especially love to travel with peace and ease. Therefore, to ensure a comfortable staycation and exploration experience, it is important to upgrade the luxury traveling facility as well. 

Entertainment & Hospitality of Pakistani Culture 

Other than natural landscapes, international tourists and local visitors always hunt for recreational places and activities to connect with local people, explore their lifestyles, consume local content, movies, and music, and enjoy cultural hospitality. Therefore, it is important to develop more facilities like cinemas, cultural shows, food festivals, and theatre art to entertain the tourists aptly. 

Food & Beverages

Pakistani food is loved all over the globe. We often see international vloggers and tourists roaming around Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi and tasting desi cuisines. Islamabad has countless restaurants offering desi, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Italian Arabic, afghani, and Syrian cuisines. With the beautiful ambiance, societal diversity quality food, and efficient services, food and beverages are an important sector of Hospitality in Pakistan. Tourists taste food back to their homelands. 

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