Advanced Digital Car Parking
Advanced Digital Car Parking

Pakistan’s Most Advanced Digital Car Parking

Bustling Metropolis of Rawalpindi and Islamabad sees millions of vehicles on road on daily basis. There are several places everywhere in the cities that are housing these vehicles. Merely a handful of this parking can somewhat be considered advanced but it is almost impossible to find a car parking here that actually meets the definition of Digital or Smart parking.

MGC Jewel takes immense pleasure in launching the first-ever digital smart parking in Pakistan that meets all the universal standards. Without any exaggeration, this state-of-art parking is going to change the definition of smart parking in Pakistan.

MGC Jewel Digital Car Parking

As another step toward digitalization and a contemporary parking system, MGC Jewel presented Digital Parking.

Our car park is a physical location where Consumer Electronics (CE) devices with different resource availability collaborate to realize user-specific automated scenarios. The most effective use of this technology would be to create a system that can tell motorists about available parking spaces in real-time and direct them to the nearest one.

Its implementation would need connecting Wi-Fi with a network of sensors capable of instantly transmitting data to a host computer. The system would identify occupied parking spaces using geomagnetic sensors and navigate using GPS. To improve the process, the host server allows control of many parking places, and the information is updated in real-time. The information would then be compiled by the server before being sent to the user to tell them about the available parking options via a smartphone app.

Features of MGC Jewel Car Parking

3 floors of this state-of-art infrastructure, Basement 01, Basement 02, and Basement 03 are dedicated to our Digital Car Parking. Collectively, this 3 car parking can house 175 cars and are fully automated. From dozens of features, here are the highlights of some features.

➔    Reserve Spots in Advance

Forget the hustle and worries of finding the spot to park your car. In MGC Jewel, you can check out available parking spots and reserved yours in advance even before you arrive here.

➔    Jewel Parking App

Parking spots can be reserved using the Jewel Parking App which will be supported by both Android and iOS. Via this application, tye visitors and motorists will have real-time data to spot vacant parking lots at their preferred locations.

Also, users should be able to view how much time is remaining before the end of the parking deadline, allowing them to extend it if required. This tool also predicts the travel time from the current driver’s position to the needed parking lot.

➔    Free Car Wash

Every visitor will be offered a totally free of cost car wash service.

➔    Rest Areas and Quarters

There are dedicated rest areas and stay quarters for the drivers of cars. The rest areas are on all three floors of the parking.

➔    Prayer Area

There is also a prayer area in parking beside the main prayer area of MGC Jewel.

Final Words

Mian Group of Chakwal and its subsidiaries has always been a pioneer; whether it is electronics and now modernizing the real estate.

Our car parking in MGC Jewel is going to change the benchmarks for good Digital Car Parking in Pakistan as well as save time and give the user a better experience.

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