Earth’s Hottest Cities in Pakistan

In the southern part of Pakistan, is a city named Turbat whose most highlighted feature is its record-making 53°C temperature in 2017. Located in Balochistan, Turbat ranks fourth as the world’s hottest place. Let’s explore how life unfolds in the hottest cities in Pakistan. 

Life in Turbat, Hottest Cities in Pakistan

Hottest Cities in Pakistan

Life in Turbat is all about embracing irresistible heat and shining bright with continuous sweating under the scorching sun. You would not be much happier to know that Turbat, one of the hottest cities in South Asia, secures global ranking with Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands for the highest temperatures and the steamy weather.

Life in Jaccobabad, Hottest Cities in Pakistan

Life in Jaccobabad can be a future picture of how the world will live in the coming years due to the effects of global warming & climate change. Summers, from May to Aug are the toughest. Having an estimated 300,000 population, Jaccoababd entertains its inhabitants with dry canal beds and heat waves.  

Hottest Cities in Pakistan

Life in Jaccobabad rolls on the verge of death as excessive exposure to heat at 42 degrees Celsius temperature might result in organ failure. You may think what do people do then? They migrate during summers, to the nearby or less hotter areas as water shortage, and lack of basic resources add more misery to life. Heatwaves in Jaccoabad seize work, life, and play activities. And the government’s overlooking role adds more spice to the already boiling emotions of the natives. 

Other Hottest Cities in Pakistan

Hottest Cities in Pakistan

Mercury bakes many other cities in Sindh including Sibbi, Larkana, Hyderabad, Mithi, Dadu, Tandujam, Karachi, Badin, Thatta, and Mirpur Khas, with temperature rising to 47 degrees Celsius. Humidity makes the heat unbearable yet people have no choice except to embrace it. 

Historic Mercury Peaks in the World

The world has witnessed some of the highest mercury peaks during different years in different regions. We have shared here some of those for your knowledge.

Aziziyah, Libya – highest 58°C in 1922

Oodnadatta Australia – highest 50.7°C in 1960

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – highest 52°C in 2010

Mexicali, Mexico – highest 52°C in 1995

Basra, Iraq – highest 53.9°C in 2016

Tirat Zvi, Israel – highest 54°C in 1942

Ahvaz, Iran – highest 54°C in 2017

Kebili, Tunisia – highest 55°C in 1931

Death Valley, USA – highest 56.7°C in 1913 

With the growing effects of climate change and weather patterns, we will experience more brutal summers and winters. There’s a dire need to focus on measures like renewable resources, sustainable real estate, forestation, and preserving water resources, that can reduce climate change effects.

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