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Best RDA Approved Projects in Bahria Town

Rawalpindi is one of the cities in Pakistan with the best returns on investment (ROI) on both residential and commercial ventures. However, sadly, the percentage of fraudulent activities in this city is also quite high, particularly when it comes to clearance from relevant agencies such as the RDA. Here is your guide that why being RDA approved is important and which is the best RDA approved projects in Bahria Town.

Is being RDA approved important for a project?

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is in charge of managing Rawalpindi’s development and growth initiatives. It is in charge of land development and real estate project management, as well as the creation of residential and commercial developments, frequently in conjunction with others. Furthermore, the RDA in Pakistan real estate has the authority to approve private house complexes and other development projects in Rawalpindi.

A residential or commercial project is deemed unlawful until it receives a NOC from RDA. Not only is it unlawful, but if the project is involved in any deceptive tactics, this government management agency has complete jurisdiction to ban it and, in severe situations, demolish it.

Building residential/commercial developments without map clearance or NOCs is a breach of the Punjab Development of Cities Act 1976 and the RDA Building and Zoning Regulations 2020. Such enterprises are closed, and legal action is pursued against the proprietors who are participating in these hostile tactics.

Best RDA approved projects with the highest ROI

You can find thousands of projects in twin cities that claim to be reliable projects and offer returns on investments that are too good to be true. Well, there is a basic rule when you have to decide the credibility of a project. If it is offering something too good to be true, it is because that thing is actually too good to be true. Either the authorities are misleading you or some duplicitous practice is involved.

Considering all these factors, here are the best RDA approved projects for you to invest in twin cities. These projects are either RDA approved or the owners have completed the due process from their side; applied for the NOC by RDA and waiting for the approval. Moreover, these projects are offering realistic ROI projections based on all the factors and estimates involved.


This signature, RDA approved project is already almost sold-out.

Located in one of the prime areas of Bahria Town Rawalpindi, MGC Jewel is making rounds all across the investment and real sector of Rawalpindi and Islamabad for all the right reasons.

This project is bringing several amenities and features that are a rarity even in some renowned highrises. Some of the salient aspects of MGC Jewel are:

  • The best location for Phase VIII is the Bahria Town of Rawalpindi. All prime spots in twin cities are easily accessible from here. Also from the bedrooms of the apartments, residents can enjoy the beautiful views of River Soan, Bahria Town Eiffel Tower, and Bahria Town Statue of Liberty.
  • For the first time in Pakistan, Best Western Plus Hotels, a 4-star hotels chain is launching its operations in Pakistan starting from MGC Jewel.
  • MGC Jewel is offering 1-bed and 2-bed pool apartments with private swimming pools
  • There are floors dedicated to local and cultural and traditional shops only named Cultural Avenue.
  • A floor is dedicated to amenities and entertainment and it features bars, Jacuzzis, infinity pool, dance floor, and several other things
  • Several floors are dedicated to hotel apartments
  • On the rooftop, there is a glass bridge named Infinity Pool Bridge that connects the residential and glass tower. There will be a crystal clear water pool on the top of this bridge. While walking on a glass bridge, you can look down from 200 feet in the sky, ensuring that you have experience of your life. Moreover, the rooftop will have a helipad, a hanging tennis court, a glass skywalk, and an exclusive luxurious restaurant.


MGC Divine is also located right amidst the Bahria Town Business District, Phase VIII. Spread over 2.8 Kanals of land, MGC Divine features a Ground Floor, a Lower Ground Floor, and 9 floors above that.

The 1st and 2nd floors are dedicated to commercial activities. These floors feature co-working spaces, fitness clubs, indoor play areas, terraces, capsule lifts, spas, cafes, and emergency exits.

3rd and 4th floors present platinum standard apartments with a smart Divine Infinity Pool. Highlights of the 3rd and 4th floors are 1 Bed & 2 Bed luxury apartments, Infinity Pool, Divine Waterfall, terraces, wide balconies, corridors, digital door locks, and cargo & passenger lift.

It is offering a world-class shopping mall, Gold/Platinum/Executive apartments, Penthouse, etc.  The 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th floors feature 1-bed and 2-bed luxury residential units named Gold Apartments. Like other floors, floor 5-8 also features scenic view balconies, wide corridors, digital door locks, 24/7 security surveillance, a fire safety system, and cargo/capsule lifts.


Spread over the area of 12 Marla, MGC-5 is another prominent project of MGC Developments, which is bringing a universal level of architectural wonder to life despite very economical prices.

Like Jewel and Divine, this project is providing maximum value and ROI to our investors, and also offering all contemporary facilities and bringing everything under one roof. This project’s distinguishing characteristics include luxury Lakeview residential apartments, compact shopping outlets, contemporary but ergonomic office spaces, international brands, a food court, cafes, community spaces, and a variety of other amenities to bring comfort and convenience to our clientele.

MGC-5 features 6 floors and a rooftop. The due process from the developer’s side for No Objection Certificate (NOC) approval is complete and the grant of NOC is expected shortly.

Conclusive Overview

There are hundreds of projects in Rawalpindi, especially in Bahria Town Rawalpindi but that doesn’t imply that every project is safe for you to put your money in. Of several factors, the most important one is NOC approval from the legislative Authority of RDA.

MGC Jewel, MGC Divine, and MGC-5 are among those projects that are fully secure to invest and returns on this investment are guaranteed. To know more details about the project, you can reach out for the free consultation sessions offered by MGC Developments where some of the best investment consultants and portfolio managers are available to assist the masses with the best investment opportunities in the town.

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