Pak Big! UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan

UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan

UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan for Pakistan is a significant initiative as the country faces a major Human capital development challenge. Before we discuss UNICEF’s latest initiative in detail let’s understand a few concepts. 

What is Human Resources or Human Capital? 

Human resource is the total number of population that a specific area or country has. For example, Pakistan comprises 22 crore population. Out of these, 64% are youngsters below the age of 30, and 29% are between the ages of 15 & 29 years, according to UNDP’s survey. 

UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan- What is Human Capital Development?

UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan

Human capital development refers to developing skills in the youth and enabling them to earn income. Human capital development means making people educated, skilled, and spirited. Making them productive for their selves as well as for society. In other words, the population is labor while educated and skilled individuals are counted as human capital. 

How to Develop Human Capital? 

There are multiple ways to develop human capital. It includes providing education, technical skills, mentorship, career counseling programs, and access to all the opportunities that lead to career building, earning, and self-sufficiency. 

As Pakistan has 64% youngsters, it is important to maximize their potential through training, workshops, access to quality education, career building, and skill development. In this way, the majority of the population will become more productive, thus improving their quality of life and creating a prosperous future. 

GenU Partnership with Prime Minister Youth Program – UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan

In the recent meeting between the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif and UNICEF representative in Pakistan Abdullah Fadil, both parties signed a letter of intent (LOI) for a partnership program under the UN’s GenU Plan. UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan aims to provide education, skills, and employment to the youth, especially young women, not in the Education, Employment, or Training (NRRt) population. 

What is GenU?

Generation Unlimited (GenU) is a program launched by the UN General Secretary in 2018 to empower youth all over the world by providing vocational training, education, and entrepreneurship, thus preparing them to excel in the world of work. Similar initiatives like UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan are pivotal to developing skillful youth that will ultimately reduce the rate of crime, depression, and unrest in society. 

MGC Learning & Development Program

Similar to public bodies, the private sector of Pakistan must also play a role in human capital development. MGC Developments, understanding its corporate and social responsibility, has been running the Learning & Development Program. It aims to provide training and certification to young realtors who want to build their careers in one of the most emerging industries, real estate. Many individuals have joined MGC’s comprehensive program to establish an impactful career and earn a livelihood. 

MGC Realtor’s Affiliate Program

UNICEF's $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan

Knowing the potential of youth and the untamed human resources in Pakistan, many private companies in Pakistan have initiated youth development programs in various professions to channel their potential for the country’s progress. Like UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan, MGC Realtor’s Affiliate Program is one of the steps that have proved to be a valuable platform for young realtors. Real estate professionals can collaborate with MGC Developments, provide services to clients, and maximize their earning capacity. Through programs like this, individuals can become a productive part of the community as well as for their selves. 

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UNICEF’s $20 Million Youth Capital Development Plan will help youngsters develop the latest skills, grow their income as well as acquire business opportunities for a successful future. This collaborative initiative will unlock tremendous opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship for the youth, increasing the rate of human capital development. The more the youth is skilled and trained, the stronger the economy of Pakistan.

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