5 Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi for Delicious Food

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi.  Pakistanis love food, but the love that the Twin Cities residents hold for food is commendable. They like dining out with friends and family and enjoy different cuisines in a serene ambiance.  

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The people of this city enjoy tastes from every corner of the world, be it Chinese, Thai, continental, Turkish, or Arabic. Multiple factors have added to the growth of restaurant businesses. One is the rise of social media and access to the content of food videos and pictures. With the trend of food vloggers and influencer marketing, some restaurants have gained major popularity and topped the list of foodies’ favorite taste havens. Let’s discuss in detail the 5 Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi. 

Cheezious – Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Cheezious, with the slogan “Cheezy Khushiyan”, is a proud Pakistani fast-food brand. It is ranked as one of the top Pakistani restaurants in Rawalpindi that offers a variety of continental food including pizza, burgers, pasta, bread, shwarmas, fried chicken, and several other items on the menu with a special cheezy taste. Cheezious was founded in 2012 by Umar Farooq and has 30 outlets all over Pakistan. With its high quality and extraordinary taste, Cheezious is also liked by tourists and overseas Pakistanis. Cheezious has branches in Commercial Market, PWD, Saddar, Scheme-3, Bahria Town Phase-4, and Kalma Chowk.

Ranchers Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Who doesn’t know Ranchers, it is a must-go place for those who want to eat mighty burgers in a wild west and cinematic cowboy ambiance. Ranchers was founded by Zakori Group in 2010 to delight the taste buds of fast food lovers. With a range of juicy and monstrous burgers, pizza, and Frizza variations, Ranchers have become the best choice in the town for continental food. The main branches of Ranchers in Rawalpindi & Islamabad are located in I-8 Markaz, F-11 Markaz, Saddar, Bahria Town Phase-7, and Commercial Market. With its growing popularity due to a creative ambiance and wild tastes, the fast-food brand has expanded to other cities, with the latest branches opened in Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Peshawar.

Monal – Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Food enthusiasts who want to enjoy delicious cuisines while sitting around the lush green hills and scenic ambiance, then Monal is your go-to place. This beautiful eatery is located in Saddar Rawalpindi, Pir Sohava, and Centaurus Mall Islamabad. The restaurant offers various scrumptious cuisines including desi, Chinese, Thai, and fast food.

Savour Foods

Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Pakistan ka favorite Pulao Founded in 1980, today Savour Foods is known as the national pulao of Pakistan. 40 years ago, Savour Foods started in Lahore through a small stall. Today the brand has more than 16 branches in various cities. If you are a pulao-lover and want to devour the delicious rice and kebab combo in Rawalpindi and Lahore. you can visit any branch near your location. Some of the outlets in Rawalpindi are present at Gorden College Road, Stadium Road, Peshawar Road, and PWD. 

Habibi Restaurant

Top Pakistani Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Another restaurant that has secured its position in the list of top restaurants in Rawalpindi is the Habibi Restaurant. This eatery offers a range of desi and Arabic flavors in a serene and relaxing ambiance best for families. If you are in Rawalpindi and want to enjoy a freshly prepared extensive menu in the beautiful ambiance of Islamabad, go to Habibi. The outlets are located in I-8 Markaz, F-8 Markaz, and PWD. 

With the growing demand for eateries, restaurant outlets are increasing rapidly in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, and other major cities. As we discussed the role of food influencer marketing, created a public demand for food points in different cities. If you are new in Pakistan and looking for luxurious dine-out options, check here.

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