What is MGC Cultural Avenue?

MGC developments has included cultural themed floor in MGC cultural avenue amenities in jewel. The Cultural Avenue is located on the second and third floors of this impressive high-rise project located in Bahria Town phase 8. These floors create commercial stores, including shops and areas of Pakistan’s four cultures.

MGC Cultural Avenue

The Cultural Avenue by MGC Jewel offers business people from all Pakistani cultures the opportunity to showcase and market their artifacts under one roof. People of Pakistan and foreign guests will be able to view exquisite cultural artifacts. Thanks to MGC that’s offering this special kind of property.

Thus, it will promote the cultural heritage of Pakistan. Pakistan cultural heritages a rich nd diverse tapestry, woven from the threads of ancient history. Our heritage is a mixture Islamic, Persians, and south Asians influences.  The areas of shops in MGC cultural avenue amenities minimum size starts from 150sqft to 1000sqft onwards including kiosk, cultural food court, cultural jewelry and clothing outlets.

Why is MGC Cultural Avenue different from other projects?

Additionally, the concept of the “Cultural Avenue” is brand-new to any project and will garner a lot of attention as a cultural hub. There will be two floors dedicated to this, offering a variety of cultures including Punjabis, Balochi, Sindhi, Pashtuns, and other cultural shops where we can find clothing, traditional carpets, handcrafted shawls, souvenirs, and other cultural items.

MGC Cultural Avenue

So, MGC cultural avenue bringing an enrich culture in their project. People can learn and develop
diverse viewpoints, establish inclusivity and diversity, and establish a connection to their cultural heritage through cultural channels, all of which contribute to strengthening the community’s social solidarity. These avenues can take many forms, including festivals, exhibitions, performances, workshops, and cultural events, offering a vibrant and inclusive space for cultural expression and discovery.

Buy MGC cultural avenue shop on 1% payment plan:

The 1% payment plan in Pakistan which was introduced by MGC in 2023, that offers customers ease in investment by providing the flexible payment structure. This plan allows customer to pay 1% monthly installment, followed by a payment schedule that is tailored to their needs. This plan is designed to make high-rise asset more accessible and affordable for all customers.

10 beneficial points on Cultural Avenue for Cultural Business:

A cultural avenue floor in a MGC project JEWEL can bring numerous benefits, including:
Unique Selling Point: Offers a distinctive feature that sets the project or mall apart from others.
Cultural Enrichment: Provides a space for cultural events, exhibitions, and activities, enriching
the community’s cultural experience.
Community Building: Promotes a sense of community among residents and visitors by offering a shared cultural space.

 Increased Footfall: Attracts visitors and potential customers, boosting footfall and potential sales for surrounding businesses, In particular, it will be launched for the first time in a mall and in a prominent position, making it convenient for a wide range of customers to shop, dine, and see everything under one roof.
Enhanced Customer Experience: Offers a welcoming and inclusive environment, enhancing the overall customer experience.
Brand Differentiation: Showcases the developer’s or mall management’s commitment to cultural heritage and community engagement.

 Revenue Generation: Can generate revenue through event hosting, sponsorships, and cultural
Social Media Buzz: Creates a unique and Instagram worthy spot, generating social media buzz and free marketing.
Talent Showcase: Provides a platform for local artists, performers, and artisans to showcase their
Cultural Exchange: Facilitates cultural exchange and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds. By incorporating a cultural avenue floor, projects and malls can become vibrant cultural hubs, offering a unique and enriching experience for visitors and residents alike. Also by showcasing traditional crafts, textiles, and artifacts promoting cultural preservation.

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