Best Home Loans in Pakistan 2024 – Buy Your Dream Home

Best Home Loans in Pakistan

In this blog, we will discuss the best home loans in Pakistan. Owning a dream home is a lifetime wish of every person. Yet the continuous inflation and unstable economic conditions have made it difficult for many to translate their dream into a living palace. 

Building a home needs construction materials including steel, cement, bricks, glass, wood, etc. The cost of these materials is directly affected by factors which include; global oil prices, inflation, and political circumstances. Therefore, it has become difficult for homebuyers to construct their house. However, they look for alternate ways to fulfill their lifelong wish of owning a dream residence. 

Understanding the needs of the people, many banks in Pakistan have started providing easy ways like house loans. Real Estate companies also offer installment plans to help people buy dream homes and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. MGC Developments, a real estate company in Islamabad, offers an easy 1% Payment Plan that allows you to own a luxury apartment with international amenities on a 1% monthly installment. 

Own Your Home on a 1% Monthly Installment


Best Home Loans in Pakistan by Banks

Almost every bank in the country offers house financing services with different features and payment plans. Today, let’s explore the best home loans in Pakistan. 

Best home loans in Pakistan by Meezan Bank 

Meezan Bank has created a unique home financing scheme called Meezan Easy Home. According to the bank directives, it is a Riba-free, home financing. It is a property co-ownership in which the bank will co-owner a house. You have to pay a certain amount to the bank every month. As the payment reduces with time, your share in the property grows. Eventually, you become the house’s sole owner with a clear title to the property. The following are the criteria to avail of this opportunity.

  • Pakistani citizenship
  • 25 to 65 years of age at the time of financing maturity
  • Min gross income of Rs. 50,000 per month for salaried and self-employed professionals
  • Min gross income of Rs. 100,000 per month for self-employed or business person

Best Home Loans in Pakistan

Saadis Home Finance by Standard Chartered Bank 

Another bank that provides the best home loans in Pakistan is the Standard Chartered Bank. It has launched a program; Saadiq Home Finance, a Shariah-compliant home financing solution. The bank offers up to 80% financing of the property value with 0 processing charges. There are different types of financing options for your home goals.

  • Home Purchase: You can buy a new home at competitive pricing
  • Home Credit: You can get finances to renovate your home or for an extension purpose.

Best Home Loans in Pakistan by Allied Home Finance

Allied Home Finance Program also provides house financing plans according to your needs. The bank allows finance for the following categories

  • Widows
  • Children of Martyrs (Shaheed)
  • Special Persons holding CNIC with disability logo
  • Transgenders and
  • Persons who want to construct houses in terrorism-hit areas as suggested by the State Bank of Pakistan

As per the Allied Home Finance program, you can 

  • Get a loan to buy a plot and construct a home thereon
  • Get a loan to build a new housing unit
  • loan ranges from 5 lac to 27 lac
  • Anyone who is a first-time home buyer can avail the loan
  • Anyone who has not previously acquired home financing can avail loan
  • Maximum value of the housing unit up to Rs. 30 lac
  • Minimum net monthly income is up to Rs. 30,000

If you want to buy your dream home or apartment by authorized companies or developers. Then MGC Developments is a renowned name having RDA-approved projects in the premium locality of Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

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